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housing development appraisal

In February 2003 this area of this website started as www.vincentwilmot.com concerned with social housing development financing, and the GoScheme development for rent Scheme Appraiser for England UK - in Excel, download FREE below ! This is the easiest, quickest and best appraiser to tell you if your proposed non-profit housing development will give a profit or a loss. GoScheme has a good range of users and raises the standard set by the other systems that I have produced and are widely used by government bodies, social housing developers and others. This site also deals with the social housing big picture, including development grant bidding and social exclusion.

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Housing development project appraisal. New affordable housing development project.

GoScheme social housing development appraiser provided FREE, in Excel and the easiest, quickest and best non-profit housing developers project appraiser. Set for maximum practicable forecasting accuracy, for easy use it excludes unnecessary inputs whose effect together are below possible maximum accuracy levels - and I have worked full-time for government on these issues from 1989 to 2003 ! GoScheme automatically gives the reasonable Worst Case outcome as well as the Probable outcome, and like most social housing development appraisers it includes a grant calculator - and GoScheme includes Intermediate Rent and helps to explain its appraisal results ! Support or customisation are available at modest cost - see Do For You.

I have provided expert consultation on bidding for UK housing development grants, on affordable housing financing and on related computer systems. From 1989 to 2003 I worked at the British government's Housing Corporation headquarters on it. This has included being involved in both policy and technical assumption meetings at times including senior Department and Treasury people. My work has included Corporation headquarters new initiatives, visiting Corporation regional offices to scrutinise how they decided on accepting or rejecting social housing grant bids, and my making recommendations, and also my evaluating RSL project appraisal systems and specific housing project appraisals at the request of RSLs, appraisal system producers, the Corporation or at times the Minister. I have designed the relevant Corporation computer systems, including their grant calculator system. While working for government on affordable housing I also, against the massive odds, have brought up my children on a large social housing estate and so can offer unique consultation in that area including social exclusion and sustainable housing issues. see Do For You

Other issues I have been involved in include new initiative bidding, favoured RSLs, LSVT bidding, sustainable community development, ALMO housing grants, urban regeneration housing strategies, sheltered housing projects for the elderly, supported housing development, rural housing, small housing developers and pre-fabricated housing, problems of high rise social housing estates and modular prefabricated offsite manufactured housing for UK housing associations. see Bids

Continued good user feedback has allowed more improvement of GoScheme project appraisal, and the enhanced GoScheme appraiser can be downloaded below. As well as RSL users, some UK local authorities are also using GoScheme assessing their no-grant own-stock rehabilitation housing projects, as also some non-registered LSVT housing associations. Interest has even come from abroad including Wales, USA and Australia.
(Note.You can still use a second development appraiser as well as GoScheme, but GoScheme is the Best !)

PS :- download a free multi-year GoScheme0406 project appraiser (Excel 1.28 Mb) click ;
Download GoScheme Appraiser (If a password is requested choose Cancel.)

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housing development appraisal

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