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Affordable housing development, introduction.

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England's 2008/11 housing development grant bid round - the National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP) - split about £8 billion as 80% for large Partnership developers and 20% for non-Partner housing associations. Details of this and other social housing development programmes are on the Homes and Communities Agency website (formerly the Housing Corporation). Grant bidding was also split between main NAHP bidding at the start of a bid round, and quarterly Regular Market Engagement (RME) bidding throughout the period.
For 2011-15 it was renamed The Affordable Homes Programme and cut to about £4.5 billion - see http://www.homesandcommunities.co.uk/affordable-homes

The Homes and Communities Agency abandoned the former social housing Grant Rates and Total Cost Indicators. But those concerned with social housing development still need a calculator to show what level of grant should make a development at competitive cost break-even. Increased competition for grant makes use of a good scheme appraiser even more necessary. Our free GoScheme development appraiser in Excel available now for easy 2004/05 and 2005/06 project appraisals or 2006/07 estimates, and can be updated. Also see our Housing Today bidding article 1 August 2003 - Bid.

This part of this website began in February 2003 as www.vincentwilmot.com concerned chiefly with social housing development financing, development grant bidding and the GoScheme development Scheme Appraiser, but also deals with the social housing big picture.

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In many countries, acceptable homes cannot be afforded by the low-incomed unless subsidised rent 'affordable housing' or 'social housing' is made available. Builders and developers of new social housing face a financial problem examined on this site of somehow subsidising their rents as with housing grants or maybe using cheaper prefab housing. see Social Housing Need

Social housing developers need successful bidding strategies appropriate to today's everchanging bidding situations as in England UK. With the main grant funders now favouring fewer bigger developers, there is increasing grant bidding competition for England UK housing grant bidding advice see Bids And needed new affordable housing or 'social housing' will generally only be developed if the developers, subsidy providers and others involved are satisfied that a proposed new development project is financially viable and is good value for money. see Development Appraisal

Some areas may get excessive demand for affordable housing while others get unsustainable low demand, as when social rents are set way below low-market rents in some areas and close to low-market rents in other areas especially when low-income families face relocation difficulty that prevents natural corrections from working. see Development Problems

Social housing development for the low-incomed will tend towards concentrating unemployed, welfare dependant and problem families in a disadvantaged socially excluded sub-society. This often involves housing problems including non-sustainability in developed countries like the UK - needing appropriate social inclusion strategies. see Social Exclusion

NOTE : I have had some good visits to RSLs and others to advise on their grant bidding and/or use of the GoScheme project appraiser. Good user feedback allowed more improvement of GoScheme. As well as RSL users, some UK local authorities also have decided to use it for assessing their no-grant own-stock rehabilitation housing projects, as also have some non-registered LSVT housing associations. Updated bidding strategies are needed appropriate to today's competitive and everchanging bidding situations as in England with ADP funding heading for less LAs and less developers, with LASHG out and ALMOs, GROs and RHGs in. I remain the best available expert on project appraisal and grant bidding in England. Vincent Wilmot

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For details of the Key Worker housing loans system for nurses, teachers and others see Key Worker Living.

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