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Affordable housing : Why have social housing - and how ?

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This area of the website was started in February 2003 as concerned with social housing development financing, and the GoScheme development for rent Scheme Appraiser for England - in Excel, and FREE ! This site also deals with the social housing big picture and development grant bidding.

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Social housing for the low-incomed exists in many developed and developing market economy countries, where private housing rent levels are normally set to make a profit. Such market rent levels often cannot be afforded by the low-incomed who, having a right to acceptable housing, will need either welfare to help pay rents or 'social housing' or 'affordable housing' whose rents are subsidised. Developing countries generally have no welfare, while developed countries may have a right to welfare for all of the low-incomed whether non-working or working. In most developing countries, social housing will simply make acceptable housing accessible to more of the low incomed. But in developed countries provision of subsidised rent social housing can serve chiefly to help prevent the working low incomed from becoming welfare dependent and giving up on the work ethic and other social norms that may involve them becoming part of a socially excluded sub-society.

Those developing new private housing for rent usually set rent levels high to make a profit, after allowing for both development costs and running costs -but their high rents generally limit demand. For new low-rent housing, necessary developer rent subsidy may come from up-front development grants as in England, or monthly grants as in Canada, and may also involve developers being non-profit (maybe contracting private builders). For such low-income housing development, if development cost must basically be fully covered by a loan, as in Canada, then monthly grants will be needed to cover the loan's monthly cost and subsidise the rents. Where development cost is at least part-covered by sufficient up-front capital housing grant funding, as in England, then the subsidised rents can require no monthly grant.

While some larger low-income housing developers may be able to fund a little new social housing development with no grants, a social housing grant system may often hit a problem in getting supply to match demand. Hence, some areas may get excessive demand for affordable housing while others get low demand, if social rents are set way below low-market rents in some areas and close to low-market rents in other areas especially when low-income families face relocation difficulty that prevents natural corrections from working.

NEWS : 2012 saw a UK government begin to evict the small number of professionals living in social housing, though these are probably the best qualified to help improve government social housing and social exclusion policies. Needed new affordable housing or 'social housing' managed well can help minimise social exclusion, but is generally only developed if the developers, subsidy providers and others involved are satisfied that a proposed new development project is financially viable and is good value for money. This requires a relevant sound development appraisal acceptable to all concerned. A good affordable housing development evaluation, or social housing development appraisal or assessment, must first meet this basic requirement and it must also help to simply explain its findings to users. (see our
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Governments and many good charities are involved in housing for the poor in many countries. One in India is the Archana Womens Centre ...

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