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Nomad and Gypsy Travelling

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Gypsy travellers and other nomads

A travelling lifestyle has long been either a necessary or a chosen way of life for a good number of people in many countries, involving either taking your home with you or rebuilding your home elsewhere. The home might be something on wheels or some type of tent or igloo.

A travelling life

In some societies Nomads are or have been a majority, and in that case cannot be said to suffer any form of social exclusion. A majority may suffer poverty and political and social oppression, but only socially disadvantaged minorities can suffer social exclusion which basically is being excluded from obtaining any of the socially significant things that the majority can obtain - which can include employment, educational, housing and other social opportunities. However, there have been societies where Nomads were traditionally the majority but then modernisation left them a minority and then they have become socially excluded.

A nomadic lifestyle has often been common in regions with poor climate, such as deserts or ice tundra where people or their animals need to cover a large area for adequate food. Many other regions have traveller Gypsies who may largely be traders.

Governments may often favour Nomads or Gypsies taking up a settled lifestyle, and at times have tried to enforce that. A Nomad or Gypsy traveller culture will generally strongly resist enforced settlement, but may well support help with settlement as a choice opened to them - especially if at the same time they are given help with improving their travelling choices also, and given help with reducing social exclusion which they and their children can often suffer from greatly.

Minorities can sometimes make good progress and at other time face serious setbacks. Hence 2010 saw a French government starting to enforce a new policy of deporting poor Roma gypsies to a poverty-stricken Romania which itself also has some history of discrimination against Roma though more recently Romanian government has been making some attempt to reduce discrimination against Roma there. You can read some good reports on Gypsies and Travellers in England and their social exclusion and housing - Gypsies and Travellers.

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