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Actual practical solutions to social exclusion housing problems will vary greatly with the specific type of problem involved and with the country concerned, but often governments and other interested bodies are distant from - and so unaware of - the practical answers needed.

The social exclusion housing problems of less developed countries may mostly concern an insufficient supply of affordable housing available to the poor migrating into growing urban areas. But their government housing systems may be relatively simple and allow of local input by the poor concerned who can themselves give the most practical answers. Generally these poorer countries chiefly need the finance that fairer international trade conditions could give.

However, social exclusion housing problems in developed countries are more likely to concern inadequate government and social landlord systems - and they will generally have complex government professional housing systems that less allow of local input to really relevant solutions by those experiencing the problems. Indeed the 'professional experts' may have good jobs, supposedly dealing with such problems, which actually depend on the problems continuing.

So answers in less developed countries will often chiefly require more funds, while answers in developed countries will often chiefly require their professional housing experts to listen more to those who really know the problems - and in developed countries this will mean the very few who while experiencing the problems themselves have also been housing professionals. (PS. for someone stuck in bad social housing, see Big Social Estates bottom.)

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