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Private slum housing

In all countries with market economy housing, the poor will need and seek the cheapest housing - which may be that provided by slum landlords who squeeze twice the number in a property and do zero maintenance. Although their unit rents may be somewhat lower than normal market rents, they will have above normal returns on capital and will generally be exploitative slum landlords. The absence of competing affordable social housing allows such private slums to prosper, and this is one very good justification for providing adequate social housing options.

From such slum housing there can easily seem no escape, and such areas will attract drug pushers and criminals as natural business locations and hideouts. They become nasty areas that undermine children within a negative socially excluded sub-culture.

Slum landlords are often best dealt with by appropriate legal action, which may include taking over their slums and redeveloping them as improved affordable housing with its new tenants excluding most of the drug pushers and criminals. This has often been done successfully, though private slums do still abound in many countries. see Exclusion Housing Answers

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