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Overcrowded and Temporary housing

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What may look like adequate housing may not always in fact be socially adequate, as when it becomes overcrowded or is of a temporary nature. Hence, a couple may have a home that is fully adequate but then they have children so that it becomes overcrowded and so inadequate. Or a family may be housed for years in a cheap hotel designed only for short stays, with only bed space, because sufficient good affordable housing is not locally available.

Overcrowded housing ?

Such overcrowding can make normal living very difficult and also leaves those involved open to being made homeless. The problem generally exists because of insufficient affordable housing being available, but at times can be due to bad social housing systems that cannot handle the evolving housing needs of its renters. Social landlords can often strongly obstruct tenant relocations to appropriate housing, with restrictive relocation rules.

Overcrowding is especially problematic for children, who may not have space or peace to do school homework. And adults living in hotels can have difficulty in getting reasonable work and often face other social exclusion problems. And adequate space is also need for a minimum of privacy and social life.

While the overcrowded are often left to trying to improve their housing themselves, some government and other bodies may offer some help especially to those with young children. This may be rented housing that nobody else wants. Of course those with better incomes may be offered much better options, as with the UK government funded Key Worker, Shared Ownership, Homebuy and Right To Buy schemes to help first-time house buyers.

Sufficient affordable housing certainly needs to be made available where it is needed by poorer families, and often all that needs is that the poor can get the housing loans or welfare that are available to others to help them pay for housing in a normal manner. To live a normal life does need a normal home to live in. see Homelessness

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