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social exclusion housing ?

Social exclusion housing ?

This social exclusion housing site launched in March 2003, is dedicated to those afflicted by having to live without an adequate home to live in - including the homeless, and those living in Calcutta India shacks, New Jersey US slums or London UK big social housing estates that concentrate problem households in excluded sub-societies breeding the victimised and often including breeding anti-socials that then victimise others in a perhaps increasing cycle of deprivation, victimisation and social disorder.

Such social exclusion housing can be very like a family prison from which there seems no escape, where the nastiest tend to rule and to teach their evil and spread the worst like a disease spread by contagion to children who cannot long stay innocent but are soon recruited into the sub-society despite their parents bravest efforts to try to make them useful prospering citizens. For some countries this is one of their chief current social problems.

While agreeing that poverty is the main problem for the socially disadvantaged worldwide, and supporting attempts to address it, this site deals with their other main problem area relating to inadequate housing situations that help to keep poor families poor and disable their and their children's lives, often directly by breeding disease as well as by being socially disabling. Social exclusion is a cause of poverty, as well as often being a consequence of poverty.

Many of the homeless or badly housed actually need and themselves want improved housing (or the housing loans or welfare available to others to get it) even more than needing or wanting improved income - though for some of them adequate housing is only possible without increased income if somebody else pays for it. Inadequate housing situations (not just buildings) can be one of the causes of poverty, as by severely limiting employment opportunity, and encourages alcoholism, drug addiction and crime, and blights child development by discouraging school attendance or encouraging school violence and juvenile crime. see Home

* A drug addiction treatment program can work more efficiently with the support of a patient's family and friends.

NOTE : this site gets Google market advertisements, some of which may be examples of social exclusion at work now !

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