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Institutional Housing, orphanage and hostel.

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Homeless hostel shelter.

Those who become homeless in many countries can find themselves in disastrous fearful hostels or orphanages. Families becoming homeless for whatever reason can find themselves split up, with the children put into orphanages and the parents into single person hostels. This may often be said to be temporary, while actually being effectively indefinite and destroy lives and intensify social exclusion of the less fortunate in societies. Included here are state or charity workhouses, poorhouses and flophouses, some of which are still widely in use of course.

Such shared institutional housing will often be understaffed low-pay employers, using low-quality employees who care little about 'inmates' or who may even enjoy abusing them. This can be an extreme problem in many children's homes, with children being regularly beaten or otherwise abused and very badly brought-up along the lines that Charles Dickens so graphically described. There will of course be some of a somewhat better standard, but none really good for children to be brought-up in or as supposed solutions for homeless families.

Shared hostels for 'single' adults will often be similar and also often be badly overcrowded and promote the spread of chronic untreated diseases like TB - though the poor often have more urgent problems than their health. Also adults living in them will often find it impossible to get or keep reasonable work.

Some countries may also have some 'battered-women' hostels to house women with their children, akin to women's prisons taking women with their children. Nobody reasonable can consider these good housing. They are just more of the forms of housing that can help to destroy lives and intensify social exclusion of the less fortunate in societies.

It is clear that in many countries the less fortunate, and indeed the whole of society, are seriously failed by institutional housing systems when there is really no great problem to supplying more acceptable housing. see Shack or Squat

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